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I’m Jade Smith, a multidisciplinary designer based in the UK, currently working remotely for DEPT® Agency.

With more than 12 years of experience in graphic design, I’ve had the privilege of crafting captivating visual experiences across a diverse range of sectors. My journey as a designer has led me to work on a broad spectrum of projects, including professional services, consumer brands, lifestyle publications, travel and leisure campaigns, and serving both B2B and B2C audiences.

My design philosophy is deeply rooted in the art of storytelling. I believe that every image, colour, and element should come together to narrate a compelling and memorable story. This passion for visual storytelling not only defines my work but is also a reflection of my own personal growth, much of which I owe to my adventures around the globe.

Having travelled and lived in numerous countries, I’ve been profoundly shaped by the cultures, people, and landscapes I’ve encountered. This rich tapestry of experiences has not only transformed me as a person but also plays a significant role in shaping my approach as a professional designer. It has broadened my perspective, allowing me to infuse a global flair into my creative work.

As a seasoned multidisciplinary designer, I leverage a diverse skill set that includes digital design, website design, illustration, as well as animation and motion design. This versatile combination of talents allows me to meticulously craft captivating campaigns for my clients, ensuring that each project exudes professionalism and engages the target audience effectively. In addition to my design expertise, I have a strong grasp of digital marketing practices, including SEO and both organic and paid traffic strategies. Furthermore, my basic web development knowledge provides me with a distinct advantage, particularly when collaborating on web design projects.